Bo Blair


Growing up, Bo Blair has always had a love for sports and nature. Being raised in Boise, ID, he was afforded the opportunity to be surrounded by nature. He took every available opportunity he had playing football, basketball, hunting and fishing. These became the activities that would teach him some of the most valuable lessons in life.

A visionary by nature, Bo has always had the desire to work with the youth and teach them those same personal lessons, whether good or bad, that he endured throughout his life. In 2007, he began volunteering and coaching with local youth sports organizations. His ability to connect with kids through sports was obvious and this set the wheels in motion to create something more. In 2010, the vision for something more was created in the form of an after school program called The Fitness Unique Educational League, The FUEL

“There’s no VICTORY without sacrifice….” - Bo Blair

The FUEL began with local kids in the Rowlett, TX area. “Coach Bo”, as he was affectionately called, would drive to several local elementary schools after school and pick up local students and take them to a church where they would follow a curriculum that he created which included homework/reading time, a biblical lesson and then a 45 minute workout. In working with the youth, Coach Bo wanted to stimulate the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of each students and use that as a platform for them to be successful in life.

While The FUEL was growing, the need to be more involved in the lives of today’s youth became more apparent so the vision of Victory was brought to life and it is his desire to make this vision a reality for years to come.