Charmeachealle Moore


Mr. Moore grew up in Dallas, Texas with his mother, father, and older sister. In high school, he was listed as a top 100 player in Texas and was fortunate to receive a scholarship to play football at Kansas State. After graduating from Kansas State, Mr. Moore then went on to be picked up by LA Chargers. With such success you would think that his journey was smooth and easy, but when you really get to know Mr. Moore’s story you will notice that you are standing in the presence of a man that has fought to overcome a multitude of difficulties in his life, yet he continues to smile and to strive to be the best man he can be.

Mr. Moore’s parents, Charmeachealle Moore Sr. (August 17, 1968- September 24, 2015) and mother Shannon instilled in him and his oldest sister La’Portia at an early age to work hard and never quit; always finish everything you start, and never become of victim of something you signed up for. Mr. Moore contributes this to his success in life, along with God giving him the strength to overcome the many obstacles he’s had to face.

Mr. Moore started playing football at the age of 6 at which time Mike fell in love with the game. He began his football career in the Pop Warner Little League with the St. Phillips Saints then went on to play with the Oak Cliff Jets, before transitioning to junior high school. He attended Gaston Middle School where he played football during 7th and 8th grade. He continued playing during his high school years at Dallas Skyline. He was named as one of Texas top 100 players during his senior year. Mr. Moore continued his education while playing on a full scholarship for Kansas State University.

“”The things you do for yourself are when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.” – Kalu Kalu .” - Mike Moore

He was able to complete his degree in Marriage Counseling within 3 years of being enrolled. Due to a tumor on his pituitary gland, Mr. Moore had to waive his right to play his junior year at K-State. After having brain surgery in April 2015, he worked his way back into training for his senior season in June of the same year. He played in the opening game of the season in August with his parents were both in attendance. In September 2015, Mr. Moore’s father passed due to a massive heart attack during the team’s bye week. This was a huge loss for him and his family. In spite of the tremendous loss, Mr. Moore held true to his faith in God and used what was instilled in his by his parents as a child – don’t quit, always finish what you start. During the same season, Mr. Moore went on to be named the Defensive player of the Alamo Bowl that January.

After being picked up by the LA Chargers in 2017, Mr. Moore sustained a back injury during practice that resulted in him having back surgery which cut his rookie season short and ultimately his football career. It was at that time that he made the decision to hang up his pads due to his back injury and retire from the game he loves so much. Moore has shown perseverance and true heart battling very storm that has come his way thus why he has made it a point to do his part in helping to shape and build the future by speaking and sharing the things he has been through to try and give others hope to continue pushing and striving to be great. Mr. Moore is a living testament of triumph over his life’s tragedies and standing here today as the true definition of “whatever you do, don’t quit.”